Vintage55 is passion and research. Icons, stories and details of the past reinterpreted in a total contemporary look. It is not just a brand, it is a way of being that draws inspiration from the past. Iconic garments inspired by Anglo-American culture, film and music myths.
Collections that recall different styles, from workwear, varsity, to marine and military. Authenticity, quality, research and curiosity are the basis of our work.
These are the values that guide us at all times, from the idea to the creation of our total looks.

Vintage55 never stops. We explore the world in time and space.
We are always looking for inspirations and details to be proposed in a contemporary wardrobe full of history and content. Our clothes revive vintage with personality and creativity, without neglecting a touch of humor. The same passion and curiosity guide us in the choice of special fabrics and washes, which contribute to keep the vintage flavor alive. Japanese denim, Barbados cottons, Indian natural dyes, Scottish wool, Italian leather and velvets.
Passion, attention to detail and experience guide our artisans in the creation of unique garments, expression of our deep connection with the quality of Made in Italy.

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