Vintage is *PARKA*

A symbol of timeless style, worn by many of the generations weaned in the century of change, starting from the ‘60s to the present day.

The Parka finds its distant genesis in the Inuit peoples from the Arctic. Used as a heavy garment for sheltering from the intense cold, was in principle composed of three layers of animal skins.
Because of its usefulness in such extreme contexts, it was adapted by military designers by adding the iconic outer layer in military green fabric. At the time called M-51 Fishtail Parka, had the characteristic fishtail, designed to tie the bottom of the jacket to the legs of American soldiers engaged in the bloody war in Korea over the ‘50s.

The spread of this garment in the universe of civil clothing occurs shortly after, thanks to the cultural revolution of the ’60s implemented by the London Mods, avid followers of Modern Jazz. The identifying logo of the youth movement was in fact the symbol of the Royal Air Force, since it was often present on the Parka jackets taken from junk dealers selling military garments.
This sub-culture was masterfully represented in “Quadrophenia” of 1979 produced by the Who and inspired by their namesake album.

From there the Parka began his long journey of success. It was remodelled from time to time until it entered by right in the common imaginary with Roger Moore in “James Bond, A View to a Kill” as well as by a young Rock Hudson in the film “Ice Station Zebra”, up to the dazzling 90s, worn on the stages of the OASIS by Liam Gallagher.
Today we recognize it as a must-have garment, versatile and for all seasons.

Knee-length to wrap and cover the whole body, with a hood with wide edges that protects from wind and rain and the typical hand warmer chest pockets. Drawstrings allow you to adjust the fit to the body – as well as the adjustable wrists. To ensure then its extreme flexibility of use the internal detachable which can be, as from traditional, quilted nylon with padding or lined with lambskin fleece and joined to the outer shell by buttons.
A timeless, gritty garment, to keep always ready to use.


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